A confectionery explosion of tastiness that is perfect for any occasion.

Add the spark to your event with a burst of color and a flavor BOOM!


As the founder and owner of Firecracker Bakery, Lynn Wambaugh has always been passionate about creating smiles and bringing joy and happiness through a simple sweet homemade treat. That’s how it all got started in 2004. After retiring from her teaching job to stay at home with her first born she became active in her community. She joined moms clubs and began leading outings around town, encouraging other moms to stay connected. Through this she found herself baking more. There was always a mom who needed a pick-me-up! Eventually her passion turned into something bigger. This is when the Firecracker Burst!

Color Carousel

Your culinary creation can come to life through a variety of our 22 colors. We are pleased to offer custom colors to match any occasion.

If you don’t see your color offered as one of the choices, please call us to schedule your $15 consultation with our color specialist.

How long will my baked item taste fresh?

Although all of our products are the freshest on the day you receive them, our products each have a different shelf life.

· Firecracker Burst Cookies – 10 days

· Cookie Cakes – 3 days

If you need your item for a Tuesday, an option would be to pick up on Friday and place your baked item in your freezer. See next answer for more info.

How should I store my desserts?

Firecracker Burst Cookies can be stored on the counter (out of the sun/heat) or in the refrigerator sealed up.

All products can be frozen in original packaging and taken out to enjoy at a later date. They thaw best sitting on your counter. I recommend taking them out of the freezer 2-4 hours before you would like to enjoy them.  Once thawed, you will find the cookies taste as good as the day they were baked!

What is the best way to get the cellophane off of my platter?

The easiest way to open the platter without crushing the cookies is to cut the cello wrap right around the top edge of the platter. The cello wrap is on tight to ensure freshness!

I have food allergies. Does Firecracker Bakery make anything that is wheat, nut or dairy free?

We bake in a nut free environment. All of our products are baked in a facility where wheat, dairy and eggs are present. However, our products do not contain any tree nuts or peanuts.

Does Firecracker bake for weddings?

Firecracker bakes for any occasion. Delivery service is not offered and pickup days are Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  We suggest placing your order in advance, often times we book up.

How far in advance should I place my order?

We recommend that you place your order online with at least 24 hours notice. Order deadline for the next day is 2 pm.  We can usually accommodate orders, but ask for additional notice for large orders. Firecracker Bakery takes orders 3 months out.

What are the serving sizes for your products?

Firecracker Burst Cookies – 2 -4 per person

I would like 4 cookies in a cello bag instead of 6. Can you do this?

Firecracker Bakery offers cookies in cello bags of 6. Purchasing Burst Cookies in a box and buying your own cello bags is a way to customize the bags to your liking. We also sell the cello bags, you can purchase them under the product “Bursts in a Box.”

Where will I pick up my order?

The location of pick up is 10965 Reading Road, Sharonville, OH 45241. Park on the side of the building and come on in, or simply pull up around the pink traffic cones and we will be out to greet you.

Does Firecracker Bakery ship baked goods?

We are unable to ship baked goods at this time.  We are currently too busy serving our local customers.

Lynn Wambaugh

Boss Lady, 2004

Lynn was born on the 4 th of July, and with that inspiration her sister Leslie came up with the name, Firecracker Bakery. After working for 12 years in her home kitchen alongside her two kids, Lynn made the decision in 2016 to venture out and work in a shared kitchen space. This played an integral part in the growth of Firecracker and paved the way for future expansion.

After two years she was bursting with ideas and excitement and ready for the next step. Armed with experience, an excellent staff and an understanding of kitchen operations she was ready to open her own Brick-and-Mortar. In January of 2018, Lynn purchased her happy place in Sharonville. The building is in the perfect location, surrounded by a welcoming community of residents and inspiring entrepreneurs.


Jamie Schuster

Bakery Manager

Della Lohrey

Dough Maker

Inventory Queen

Nancy Loftus

Volunteer Extraordinaire

Lynn's Mom

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